Can you use Scrapbook paper in a Cricut?

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If you’re looking for a way to add some extra flair to your crafting projects, you may be wondering if it’s possible to use scrapbook paper in a Cricut. The answer is yes – but there are a few things you need to know before you get started. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the basics of using scrapbook paper in a Cricut, as well as some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your machines. Let’s get started!

What setting do I use to cut Scrapbook paper on Cricut?

Yes, you can use Scrapbook paper in a Cricut machine. To ensure the best results for cutting Scrapbook paper with a Cricut, it is recommended to use the “Cardstock” setting on your machine. This will give you crisp, clean cuts and help to prevent any tearing. Depending on the type of cardstock you are using, you may need to adjust the thickness or pressure settings as well.scrapbooking

If you’re using heavier cardstock or thicker scrapbooking paper, then it is advised that you use the “Bonded Fabric” setting instead. When selecting this option be sure to select either Deep Cut Blades or Knife Blades for an even more precise cut. For most projects, the Cardstock setting should be sufficient.

No matter what type of Scrapbook paper you are using it is important to remember that the blade life can significantly decrease when used on thicker materials. It is also essential to use a mat that has been prepared for your project. Make sure the mat is clean and free from debris before use and always apply pressure evenly along your cuts. Finally, double check your machine settings each time you start a new project to ensure successful results.

Overall, you can indeed cut scrapbook paper with a Cricut machine. Choosing the correct settings and taking extra care will help guarantee precise cuts every time!

Can you use any type of paper in Cricut?

The answer is both yes and no. The short answer is that you can use most types of paper in a Cricut, but not all. This includes scrapbook paper and other specialty papers. Scrapbook paper is generally thicker than regular copy or printer paper and has special finishes or textures that create a unique look when cut with your Cricut machine.

The thickness of the scrapbook paper will determine which blade setting you should use to ensure the best cutting results. If your paper is too thick for one blade setting, you may need to switch to a different one for better results. You’ll also want to be sure that the material setting on your Cricut Machine matches the type of paper you’re using so your machine cuts it correctly.

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For best results, you should always use Cricut brand cutting mats and tools when working with scrapbook paper in your Cricut machine. This will ensure that your machine is calibrated correctly and can cut the thicker material. You should also make sure that you are using a strong enough adhesive or transfer tape to keep the paper from slipping on the mat during cutting.

Overall, scrapbook paper can be a great addition to your crafting toolbox when used with your Cricut machine. With some proper care and attention to what settings work best for the type of paper you’re using, you’ll be able to create gorgeous projects with beautiful details!

Can you use regular paper for print and cut Cricut?

Yes, you can use regular paper for print and cut with a Cricut. Print and cut is an option on the Cricut that allows you to design an image in their Design Space software, print it out onto a sheet of paper, then put the paper back into your machine and have it accurately cut around the lines of the printed image. This is a great way to add detailed images to projects like cards and invitations without having to purchase different kinds of vinyl or other materials specifically for cutting.

However, if you want to use scrapbook paper for cutting shapes instead of printing with them (for example, cutting out designs from patterned scrapbook paper), you will need a special kind of mat called an adhesive mat. These mats are designed specifically to hold thin paper materials like scrapbook paper in place so that they can be accurately cut with a Cricut. The adhesive mat is placed over the top of the scrapbook paper before loading it into your machine and has a sticky surface which holds the paper firmly in place while cutting.

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Using scrapbook paper in a Cricut is an easy way to add extra detail and interest to any project. With the right equipment and a bit of practice, you’ll soon be creating beautiful projects with amazing designs made out of scrapbook paper!

Can you use any cardboard in Cricut?

Yes, you can use a wide variety of materials in your Cricut machine, including scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper gives you the ability to create beautiful and creative designs for cards and projects. When using scrapbook paper with your Cricut, make sure that it is thick enough for the cutting blades to go through without catching or tearing the material. In general, anything thicker than 8 mil should be safe to use. It’s also important to check your blade settings when using scrapbook paper as different blades work better on different materials.

You should always use cardstock along with any other type of medium such as chipboard or foam board when cutting intricate shapes or letters on your Cricut machine. This will help make sure that the cuts are accurate and prevent any tearing or fraying of the paper.

In addition to using scrapbook paper, you can also use a range of other materials, such as cardstock, vellum, tissue paper, vinyl, foam board and chipboard. Some of these may require special blades for cutting. Your Cricut manual will give you information on which blade works best with which material type.

When it comes to designing your projects, there is no limit to what you can create with your Cricut machine and scrapbook paper! The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. Have fun creating beautiful projects with your Cricut and scrapbook paper!

How do you use Scrapbook paper with Cricut?

You can use Scrapbook paper with Cricut to create a variety of projects. The process is not difficult and can be done in just a few steps.

First, you will need to select the kind of paper you want to use. You can choose from either adhesive or non-adhesive scrapbook paper — both will work well with the Cricut machine.

Once you have selected your paper type, it’s time to prepare it for cutting. To do this, simply place the sheets of scrapbook paper face down on your mat and secure them using transfer tape. This will ensure that your designs stay in place when they are cut out of the sheet.scrapbooking

Next, load the Cricut machine and select the type of material you are using (in this case, “Scrapbook paper”). The settings should then be adjusted according to the thickness of your paper.

Finally, if you wish to customize your design further, you can use Cricut’s free software Design Space. This will enable you to add text, images, and special effects to your design before printing it out on the scrapbook paper.

Once your project is complete, simply peel off the transfer tape and enjoy! With a little bit of practice and experimentation, you too can turn scrapbook paper into amazing works of art with a Cricut machine. So give it a try and express yourself!

By following these simple steps, you can easily use scrapbook paper with your Cricut machine to create unique and beautiful designs. So why not give it a try? Get creative and see what you can come up with!

How do you use Scrapbook on Cricut?

Using scrapbook paper in a Cricut is an easy and creative way to add flair to your projects. With the right tools and materials, you can use a wide variety of designs and patterns to create beautiful, personalized pieces. Here are some simple steps on how to use scrapbook paper in a Cricut:

  1. Gather Your Materials: You will need a variety of colorful scrapbooking papers, along with other basic craft supplies like scissors, glue sticks, adhesive tape or double-sided tape, and transfer tape.
  2. Prepare Your Design: Load your desired scrapbook design into the software for cutting. Be sure that you have selected the correct material type (paper) so that your machine cuts accurately.
  3. Cut the Paper: Place your paper onto a Cricut cutting mat and then press “Go” on the machine to cut out your design. Once the machine is done, use scissors to trim away any loose edges or areas that did not get cut correctly.
  4. Apply Transfer Tape: To ensure that all of the pieces stay together, apply transfer tape to each piece after it has been cut out. You can also use double-sided tape or adhesive tape if needed.
  5. Attach Your Design: Finally, place your scrapbook design onto whatever surface you are trying to create and press firmly so that all of the pieces adhere properly. If desired, you can use glue sticks to further secure the pieces in place.
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With these simple steps, you can easily use scrapbook paper in a Cricut to create beautiful and unique projects! Whether it’s decorating walls, creating custom cards, or making crafts for special occasions, your imagination is the only limit. Have fun and get creative with all of your Cricut projects!

Do you use wax paper or parchment paper for Cricut?

The short answer is “no” – you should not use wax paper or parchment paper in a Cricut. While both of these materials are thin and lightweight, they contain chemicals that can damage the machine’s cutting blades. Instead, you should choose cardstock or specialty papers made specifically for use with the Cricut machine.

Since Cricut machines are designed to cut through thicker material (such as cardstock), it could be difficult to get a precise cut when using a thinner material such as scrapbook paper. This means that your project may end up looking uneven and unpolished. Additionally, since scrapbook paper is typically printed on one side, if you choose to use this type of paper, it’s important that you make sure the printed side is facing up when cutting.


If you’re looking for a paper to use with your Cricut machine, there are several types of specialty paper available specifically designed for this type of machine. These include adhesive vinyls, iron-on materials, and cardstock. Adhesive vinyls and iron-ons can be used to create custom t-shirts, mugs, pillowcases, and more. Cardstock is great for making cards or other paper crafts that require heavy duty construction material.

To sum up, while scrapbook paper might not be the best choice for use in a Cricut machine due to its thinness and lack of precision cuts, there are several types of specialty papers available specifically designed for this type of machine that will give you the best results. These include adhesive vinyls, iron-on materials, and cardstock. With any paper craft project, be sure to keep the printed side facing up when cutting for optimal results. Happy crafting!

How do I make my Cricut mat sticky again?

A Cricut mat needs to be sticky in order for it to hold your scrapbook paper or other materials firmly while you are working on a project. Over time, the adhesive on the mat can become less effective due to dirt and dust build-up or general wear and tear. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions that can help restore your Cricut mat’s stickiness and make it as good as new!

One way to get your mat sticky again is by using a lint roller with fresh sheets. Cover the surface of your Cricut mat with gentle, even pressure from the roller. This will pick up any dust, dirt, or debris that may have built up on the surface of the mat, allowing your materials to adhere firmly again.

Another method for making a Cricut mat sticky again is to use an adhesive spray such as 3M Super 77 or Aleene’s Tack-It Over and Over again Adhesive Spray. Simply hold the can 8-10 inches away from the surface of the mat and spray in a light even layer over the entire surface. Allow the mat to sit for about 15 minutes, then gently rub off any excess with a microfiber cloth.

Finally, another way to restore stickiness on a Cricut mat is to use clear contact paper. Cut pieces of contact paper that are slightly larger than your Cricut cutting area, then peel back half of the backing and press it onto the surface of the mat. Rub it gently with your fingertips or a credit card to ensure that it is firmly attached, then peel away the remaining backing. Your Cricut mat should now be as sticky as ever, allowing you to cut scrapbook paper and other materials easily!

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In conclusion, there are several easy ways to restore stickiness on your Cricut mat so that you can continue crafting with ease. Whether you opt for lint rolling, adhesive sprays, or contact paper – these simple solutions will have your mat working like new in no time! With this knowledge in hand, you can now confidently use scrapbook paper in a Cricut without worry of slippage or poor adhesion. Happy crafting!

What type of paper is Cricut paper?

Cricut paper is a special type of adhesive-backed paper that works with the Cricut cutting machine. This type of paper is specifically designed for use with Cricut machines, and it is available in a variety of different colors, textures, and finishes.

Can you use Scrapbook Paper in a Cricut?

Yes, scrapbook paper can be used in a Cricut if it is first treated with an iron-on transfer material or an adhesive spray. If you want to cut heavier cardstock or chipboard, you will need to use a knife blade instead of the standard cutting blade. Before using any type of paper in your Cricut, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.scrapbooking

Tips for using Scrapbook paper in a Cricut

  • Make sure you choose the correct blade to ensure a successful cut. If you are cutting heavier cardstock or chipboard, be sure to use a knife blade instead of the standard cutting blade.
  • Test your scrapbook paper on a test piece before committing to an entire project. This will help you determine if it is suitable for your project and if any adjustments need to be made.
  • Consider using an adhesive spray to make sure that the paper sticks securely to the mat before cutting. Spraying the back of the scrapbook paper with this product can help prevent tearing or curling during the cutting process.
  • Consider using a light grip mat when cutting scrapbook paper. This can help reduce the amount of force that is needed to cut the paper and ensure a clean, precise cut.

By following these tips and taking your time, you should be able to use scrapbook paper in your Cricut with ease. Just remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions for best results and safety!

What kind of paper do you use for Cricut print and cut?

The type of paper you use for Cricut print and cut will depend on the project you are working on. If you are using a Cricut Maker, then you can use a wide variety of materials such as cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and even fabric. For projects involving printable designs or images, the most common option is to use adhesive backed paper. This includes heavy adhesive vinyl, light cardstock, and scrapbook paper.

Scrapbook paper is an excellent choice for Cricut print and cut projects because it provides a high-quality printable surface that is easy to adhere to other surfaces like wood or glass. It also comes in many colors and patterns so you can easily find something to match your project. Additionally, scrapbook paper is usually thicker than ordinary printer paper which makes it a great choice for projects that require more durability or require more intricate cutting patterns.

When using scrapbook paper in your Cricut Maker, you will need to make sure that the weight of the paper is compatible with the machine. Generally speaking, most machines can handle up to 13-14 lb cardstock and many can also manage lightweight fabrics like silk crepe and cotton sateen. Check the manual for your specific model of Cricut Maker before attempting to use any materials with it.

Finally, make sure that you are using quality adhesive backed paper as this will ensure better results when printing and cutting. Low-quality paper may not cut as cleanly or adhere as well to other surfaces, so it is worth investing in some quality adhesive backed paper for your Cricut print and cut projects. With a bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect scrapbook paper for your next project!

In conclusion, scrapbook paper can be an excellent choice for Cricut print and cut projects. It provides a high-quality, glossy surface that will make your prints look great while also being thicker than ordinary printer paper which makes it ideal for intricate designs. Remember to check the manual for your specific model of Cricut Maker before using any materials with it, and invest in some quality adhesive backed paper for best results. Happy crafting!

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Whats the difference between print and cut on Cricut?

The Cricut machine is a great tool for any craft project. It comes with two methods of cutting: Print and Cut, and Cardstock Cut. With the Print and Cut feature, you can print your design onto special adhesive backed paper and then cut it out to use in your project. The Cardstock Cut feature allows you to load cardstock into the machine and have it cut directly from the material itself.

So what’s the difference between these two features? Well, when using Print and Cut, you can easily create intricate designs that are multi-dimensional because of the extra layer of adhesive on the back of the paper. On top of that, this feature works well with scrapbook papers since they usually come pre-printed with designs.

On the other hand, Cardstock Cut is great for projects that require precise edges and detailed shapes. It’s also ideal for thicker materials such as cardstock and chipboard since it can cut through them easily. However, you won’t be able to use scrapbook paper with this feature since they don’t have enough adhesive on the back of them to hold onto the machine.

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In conclusion, yes you can use scrapbook paper in a Cricut but only when using the Print and Cut feature. This feature works best for intricate designs or pre-printed papers as it allows for multi-dimensional cuts and easy adhesion. For more detailed shapes and thicker materials though, you’ll need to use the Cardstock Cut feature.

Hopefully this article has helped to clarify the difference between Print and Cut and Cardstock Cut on a Cricut machine, as well as which one you should use for scrapbook paper. Now that you know how to use your Cricut machine with scrapbook paper, have fun creating beautiful projects!

Can Scrapbook paper go through a printer?

Yes, you can use scrapbook paper in a Cricut. This type of paper is designed to go through a printer without becoming damaged or distorted. It will hold up well when cutting with the Cricut, making it a great choice for all types of crafting projects. Scrapbook papers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can add texture and interest to any project.

When using scrapbook paper with your Cricut machine, make sure to choose the right settings for your material type. The settings may vary depending on the type of paper you are using; so it’s important that you read the instructions carefully before starting your project. You may also want to do some test cuts with different materials to get a better sense of how the paper will look when cut.

Scrapbook paper is a great choice for Cricut projects as it is easy to use, comes in a range of colors and patterns, and cuts well. By taking the time to choose the right settings and doing some test cuts, you can ensure that your project turns out perfectly!

How do you cut a Scrapbook paper?

Using a Cricut to cut Scrapbook paper is very simple. All you need is the correct size mat and your favorite scrapbook paper. To begin, place the scrapbook paper on a clean cutting mat and load into your Cricut machine. Make sure that the material switch knob is in the “Paper” setting. Next, select the design you want to cut from Cricut Design Space or other compatible software programs. Once you’re ready, press the “Cut” button on your machine to start cutting out your desired pattern from the scrapbook paper.

After you have finished cutting out your design, carefully remove it from the cutting mat and discard any excess scraps of paper. If you find that there are bits of paper stuck to the mat, you can use a craft pick or an old toothbrush to remove them.

When it comes to using your Cricut with scrapbook paper, there are several different types of papers that can be used. From basic cardstock and vellum to patterned papers and glitter-coated papers, there is something for everyone. To ensure that you have the optimal results when cutting out your projects from these materials, it’s important to make sure that the material switch knob is properly set on ‘Paper’.

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Using scrapbook paper in a Cricut machine can add an extra dimension of creativity to all sorts of projects – from greeting cards and wall art to scrapbooks and photo albums. With a few simple steps, you can begin to explore the amazing potential of this versatile crafting tool!scrapbooking

The possibilities are endless when it comes to cutting out scrapbook paper with your Cricut. From cards and wall decor to custom-made scrapbooks and photo albums, you can add an extra level of creativity to almost any project. By following the above steps, you will be able to begin exploring all that your Cricut machine has to offer – not just for paper crafts but for projects using fabric, vinyl, leather, and more! So get ready to start creating something special today!

Happy crafting!

Environmental Protection & Energy Saving

Yes, you can use scrapbook paper in a Cricut. As long as the paper is light enough to cut through with the machine’s blades and isn’t too thick, it can be used with most Cricut models. You may need to adjust the settings on your machine for different types of paper or cardstock. The size of your project should also be taken into consideration so that it fits within the cutting range of your device.


When using scrapbook paper with a Cricut, an important factor to consider is how much energy and resources are being used up in creating your project. Scrapbook papers often contain a higher percentage of recycled materials than other types of paper or cardstock, meaning they may require fewer resources to manufacture. This saves energy and reduces waste, making it a more eco-friendly option for your project.

Cricut machines also come with adjustable settings that allow you to choose the type of paper or cardstock you will be cutting. This helps to ensure that the design comes out correctly each time and that it is being cut accurately. With these adjustable settings, you can make sure scrapbook papers are set up properly so they can be used in your Cricut projects.

Overall, scrapbook papers are an excellent choice for use with Cricut machines as long as they meet certain requirements for thickness and strength. They provide an easy way to create intricate designs without having to use extra resources or energy in the manufacturing process. By adjusting the settings on your Cricut machine, you can make sure that scrapbook paper is cut accurately and properly for a beautiful finished product.

By utilizing scrapbook papers in your craft projects, you can help reduce energy costs, resources used in production, and waste all while creating beautiful designs with ease. So when it comes to using scrapbook papers in a Cricut machine, the answer is definitely yes! With proper preparation and setting adjustments, you can use any type of scrapbook paper to create amazing projects with your Cricut machine.

Safety Tips

  • Always read the instructions and safety guidelines that come with your Cricut machine before using it.
  • When cutting scrapbook paper, be sure to use a cutting mat that is compatible with the paper you are using. This will help protect your Cricut blade from becoming dull or damaged.
  • Do not leave the Cricut unattended while in use as overheating can occur and cause damage.

Overview of Practices for Using Scrapbook Paper in a Cricut

Using scrapbook paper with a Cricut is fast, easy and can be quite rewarding. However, it is important to take into account the size of the project you are working on and also the type of paper being used.scrapbooking

Here are some best practices for using your scrapbook paper with your Cricut:

  1. Choose a paper that is no thicker than 65 lb (176 gsm) or 6mil thickness. Thicker papers may have issues going through the cutting machine or cause damage to the blade and cutting mat surface.
  2. Make sure you use strong adhesive tape when adhering your scrapbook paper to the cutting mat to ensure it stays in place when being cut.
  3. Always use a light grip cutting mat for thin papers or cardstock. If you are using a paper that is thicker than 65 lb, then it is best to use the strong grip mat.
  4. Make sure you select the right material setting before cutting your scrapbook paper with your Cricut – this will ensure the blade and speed settings are correct for the type of paper being used.
  5. When working on larger projects, it may be better to print onto regular printer paper, and then glue it to the front of your scrapbook paper in order to prevent any damage from over-cutting or placing too much strain on your Cricut machine.
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How do I use Scrapbook paper in my Cricut?

You can use a variety of materials with your Cricut machine, including scrapbook paper. To get started, all you need to do is choose the material setting for Cardstock or Light Cardstock from the settings menu on your Cricut Explore Air 2 and then insert your scrapbook paper into the machine. Once you have chosen your settings and inserted the paper, simply select a design from the library or upload one of your own and let your Cricut work its magic!

What type of Scrapbook paper should I use in my Cricut?

There are many types of scrapbook papers available on the market, so it is important to choose one that is compatible with your Cricut machine. The best type of scrapbook paper for use in a Cricut machine is acid-free, lignin-free cardstock or light cardstock. This type of paper ensures that your designs will be crisp and clear when cut by the Cricut blade. It is also important to ensure that the thickness of your paper does not exceed the maximum cutting depth for your specific model of Cricut.

Can I print on Scrapbook Paper before inserting it into my Cricut?

Yes! You can easily print designs onto scrapbook paper using an inkjet printer prior to inserting it into your Cricut. However, it is important to note that this may affect the cutting accuracy of your Cricut machine, so be sure to test out a few different settings before committing to a large project. It is also recommended that you use an acid-free ink so that your printed design stays vibrant and doesn’t fade over time.


Using scrapbook paper in a Cricut is an effective way to add beautiful and creative elements to your projects. The versatility of the Cricut allows for scrapbook paper to be used as a cut-and-paste material, as well as being able to create intricate designs from it. Scrapbook paper can also be printed onto Vinyl or Iron-on sheets with a Cricut and applied directly onto your project material. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to make decorative additions or want to put your own personal touch on something special, utilizing the power of the Cricut with scrapbook paper will help you achieve whatever creative vision you have in mind.

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