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Are you looking for a healthy and natural way to achieve a gorgeous sun-kissed glow? Airbrush tanning might be the perfect solution for you. Not only does it provide a flawless and long-lasting tan, but it also eliminates the risks associated with harmful UV exposure.

When considering airbrush tanning, it’s important to understand the costs involved and the benefits you’ll receive. In this article, we will explore the airbrush tanning costs and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you opt for monthly memberships, packages, or individual sessions, there are options to suit everyone’s preferences and budget. Let’s dive into the details and discover the different costs associated with airbrush tanning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Airbrush tanning offers a safe and effective way to achieve a natural-looking tan.
  • Costs can vary depending on the package or membership you choose.
  • Monthly memberships and packages provide cost-effective options to maintain your tan.
  • Individual session prices are available for those who prefer to pay per session.
  • Add-ons and enhancements can enhance your tanning experience.

Monthly Memberships and Packages

Want to maintain that beautiful bronzed glow all year round? Look no further than monthly memberships and airbrush tanning packages. These options not only save you money in the long run but also ensure you always have that sun-kissed radiance.

With a variety of choices available, you can find the perfect package or membership to suit your tanning needs. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Different Tiers of Memberships: The first source offers a range of membership tiers, allowing you to choose the level of service that matches your preferences and budget. From a basic glow membership to an all-access package, you’ll find the right fit for you. These memberships typically include various solutions and add-ons, ensuring a customized and flawless tan every time.

2. Sun-Kissed Glow Package: Ready to experience the ultimate tanning package? The second source introduces the Sun-Kissed Glow Package, a fantastic option that provides four spray tans along with pH balancing spray and Pixie Powder. This package not only offers a series of spray tans but also includes additional products to enhance and extend the life of your tan. Get that irresistible glow all month long!

3. Glow Membership: Looking for a membership that goes above and beyond? The third source mentions a glow membership that offers enticing benefits. Along with discounted spray tans, this membership often includes free add-ons such as setting powder, shimmer drops, or fragrances. Enjoy exclusive perks while maintaining a gorgeous tan.

Monthly memberships and packages ensure you never miss a session and provide cost savings compared to individual tanning sessions. Plus, they offer a variety of benefits and add-ons to enhance your tanning experience. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a glowing complexion with these fantastic options!

Package/Membership Benefits Price Range
Different Tiers of Memberships Customized tanning experience, various add-ons $XX – $XX/month
Sun-Kissed Glow Package 4 spray tans, pH balancing spray, Pixie Powder $XX – $XX
Glow Membership Discounted spray tans, free add-ons $XX – $XX/month

Take advantage of the convenience, savings, and additional perks offered by monthly memberships and airbrush tanning packages. Get that beautiful bronzed look whenever you want it!

Individual Sessions

If you prefer the flexibility of paying for each airbrush tanning session individually, you’ll find all the pricing details you need in the third source. They offer a range of options to cater to your specific preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-body tan, a half-body tan, or just a tan for your face and neck, they have got you covered.

Prices for individual airbrush tan sessions may vary depending on the specific services you choose. You can add extra touches like setting powder, contouring, or fragrance to enhance your tanning experience. Take a look at the table below to get an idea of the pricing details for individual sessions:

Service Price
Full Body Tan $40
Half Body Tan $30
Face and Neck Tan $20
Setting Powder Add-On $5
Contouring Add-On $10
Fragrance Add-On $5

When you choose individual airbrush tan sessions, you have the freedom to customize your experience and only pay for what you need. It’s a convenient and cost-effective option for those who want to try out airbrush tanning or have specific areas they want to focus on. Don’t forget to schedule your appointment and prepare to indulge in a flawless tan that will make you look and feel amazing.

Spray Tan Benefits

Airbrush tanning offers several benefits that will leave you with a flawless tan and long-lasting radiance. Skilled technicians ensure an even and natural-looking tan without streaks or splotches, giving you the perfect sun-kissed glow.

“With airbrush tanning, you can achieve a flawless tan that looks incredibly natural. Our experienced technicians use precise techniques to create a seamless, streak-free tan that enhances your natural beauty. You’ll love the confidence and radiance it brings!”

Additionally, the use of pH balancing spray helps to maintain the vibrancy and longevity of your tan, delivering that beautiful glow for days to come.

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Convenience and Savings

  1. Choose a package or membership for convenient and cost-effective tanning options.
  2. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple spray tan sessions at discounted rates.
  3. Take advantage of exclusive add-ons and perks to enhance your tanning experience.

By opting for packages or memberships, you not only save money but also ensure that you always have access to that gorgeous, radiant tan.

The Confidence Boost

A flawlessly achieved airbrush tan can do wonders for your confidence. It transforms your appearance, giving you a radiant glow that makes you feel beautiful both inside and out. With that perfect tan, you’ll be ready to take on the world with a newfound confidence.

So why wait? Experience the benefits of airbrush tanning today and enjoy a flawless tan with long-lasting radiance!

Add-Ons and Enhancements

To enhance your airbrush tanning experience, there are various add-ons available. These add-ons can elevate your tan, reduce development time, and provide a pleasant post-tan experience.

Express Glow: Achieve your desired tan faster with the express glow add-on. This option reduces the development time of the tan, allowing you to flaunt your beautiful bronzed look in no time.

The express glow add-on is perfect for those who are short on time or need a quick touch-up before a special occasion. It ensures a natural and even tan with a shorter processing time, so you can glow confidently anytime, anywhere.

Fragrances: Say goodbye to any post-tan odor by adding a fragrance of your choice. These fragrances not only mask any unwanted scent but also leave you smelling delightful.

Choose from a variety of scents to enhance your tanning experience and enjoy a refreshing fragrance that lingers on your skin. Whether you prefer a floral, fruity, or exotic aroma, the fragrance add-on adds an extra touch of luxury to your airbrush tan.

pH Balancing Moisturizer: Prepare your skin for an even and flawless application with pH balancing moisturizer. This add-on helps create the ideal canvas for a beautiful tan.

The pH balancing moisturizer aids in maintaining the skin’s natural pH level, ensuring a smooth and even application of the tanning solution. It helps prevent any streaks or uneven patches, resulting in a flawless and long-lasting tan.

By choosing these airbrush tanning add-ons, you can customize your experience and achieve the perfect tan that fits your preferences and needs.

Add-Ons Benefits
Express Glow Reduces development time
Fragrances Eliminates post-tan odor
pH Balancing Moisturizer Prepares the skin for an even application

Airbrush Gun Basics

Understanding how an airbrush gun works is essential for achieving precise and flawless results in your tanning sessions. Let’s explore the functionality and mechanisms behind an airbrush gun.

The airbrush gun is a versatile tool used in airbrush tanning to apply a fine mist of tanning solution to the skin. It operates on the principle of atomization, breaking down the solution into tiny particles that create an even and natural-looking tan.

The key components of an airbrush gun include:

  • Nozzle and Needle: The nozzle and needle work together to control the flow and spray pattern of the tanning solution. The needle controls the amount of solution released, while the nozzle determines the width and shape of the spray pattern.
  • Air Cap: The air cap controls the air pressure and airflow, influencing the size and density of the spray pattern. Adjusting the air cap allows you to achieve different levels of coverage and shading.
  • Trigger: The trigger is used to control the flow of the tanning solution. By pressing the trigger, the solution is released through the nozzle, and releasing the trigger stops the flow.

There are different types of airbrush guns available, each with its functionality:

  1. Dual Action Airbrush Gun: This type of airbrush gun allows for independent control of both air and tanning solution flow. Pressing down on the trigger releases air, and pulling it back controls the amount of solution released.
  2. Gravity Feed Airbrush Gun: In a gravity feed airbrush gun, the tanning solution is stored in a small reservoir located on top of the airbrush gun. The force of gravity pushes the solution into the nozzle, allowing for continuous and efficient application.
  3. Siphon Feed Airbrush Gun: With a siphon feed airbrush gun, the tanning solution is stored in a larger external container. Airflow generated by the gun creates a vacuum, drawing the solution from the container through a tube and into the gun for application.

Mastering the use of an airbrush gun takes practice and skill. Proper technique, along with understanding the functionality and adjustments of your airbrush gun, will help you achieve flawless results with every tan.

Airbrush Compressor and Paint

When it comes to airbrush tanning, two essential components that play a crucial role in achieving the perfect tan are the airbrush compressor and airbrush paint. Let’s take a closer look at these components and their significance in the tanning process.

Importance of a Reliable Airbrush Compressor

An airbrush compressor is the heart of any airbrush system, including those used for tanning. It provides a steady and consistent airflow, allowing the airbrush gun to distribute the tanning solution evenly on your skin. A reliable airbrush compressor ensures that the tanning solution is atomized properly, resulting in a smooth and flawless tan.

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It’s important to choose an airbrush compressor that matches your specific tanning needs. Consider factors such as the compressor’s air pressure range, capacity, and noise level. Opting for a compressor specifically designed for airbrush tanning will ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment.

Variety of Airbrush Paints for Different Tanning Effects

When it comes to airbrush tanning, the right choice of airbrush paint can make all the difference. Different brands offer a wide range of airbrush tanning solutions, each with unique properties and effects. Some common types of airbrush paints used for tanning include:

  • Bronzing Solutions: These solutions provide an immediate tan effect and are suitable for those looking for an instant sun-kissed look.
  • Gradual Tanners: Perfect for beginners or those who prefer a subtler tan, gradual tanners offer a buildable color that develops over time.
  • Shimmering Effects: If you want to add a touch of sparkle to your tan, there are airbrush paints available that introduce shimmer and glitter, giving your skin a radiant glow.
  • Contouring Solutions: For a sculpted and toned appearance, contouring solutions are designed to enhance your natural features and create definition.

It’s important to understand your desired tanning effect and choose an airbrush paint that aligns with your goals. Consulting with a professional technician can help you select the right paint and create a customized tanning experience tailored to your preferences.

Airbrush Cleaning and Troubleshooting

Proper maintenance and upkeep of your airbrush gun are essential for optimal performance and longevity. Regular cleaning and troubleshooting can help prevent clogging, ensure a smooth spraying experience, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Here are some general tips to keep your airbrush gun in top shape:

Cleaning Your Airbrush Gun

Regularly cleaning your airbrush gun is crucial to avoid buildup and maintain consistent paint flow. Follow these steps for effective airbrush cleaning:

  1. Disassemble the airbrush gun, separating the nozzle, needle, and other removable parts.
  2. Rinse the disassembled parts with water or an appropriate cleaning solution to remove any residual paint.
  3. Use a soft brush or cotton swabs to gently scrub the parts and remove any stubborn paint or debris.
  4. Dry the cleaned parts thoroughly before reassembly to prevent water damage or contamination.
  5. Reassemble the airbrush gun, ensuring all components are securely tightened.

Regular cleaning is especially important when switching between different paint colors to avoid color contamination. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations based on your airbrush gun model.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even with proper maintenance, airbrush guns may encounter occasional issues. Here are some common problems and troubleshooting techniques:

“My airbrush gun is sputtering or spraying unevenly.”

This issue is often caused by a clogged nozzle. Try cleaning the nozzle thoroughly with a cleaning solution and a small cleaning brush. Ensure that the nozzle is securely tightened after cleaning.

“The paint flow is inconsistent or stops completely.”

The needle may be bent or damaged, obstructing the paint flow. Check the needle for any bends or burrs and replace if necessary. Additionally, ensure that the paint consistency is appropriate for your airbrush gun.

“My airbrush gun is leaking.”

Airbrush gun leaks can occur due to loose connections or worn-out seals. Check all connections and tighten them if necessary. Inspect the seals for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if needed.

Remember to consult your airbrush gun’s manual or contact the manufacturer for specific troubleshooting instructions tailored to your model.

By regularly cleaning your airbrush gun and following the provided troubleshooting techniques, you can maintain optimal performance and enjoy a seamless spraying experience.

Tanning Aftercare

Proper tanning aftercare is essential to maintain the longevity of your airbrush tan and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. The right tanning products can help enhance the appearance of your tan and ensure a radiant and natural glow.

Aftercare Products

After your airbrush tanning session, consider using these recommended tanning products for optimal results:

Product Description
Organic Body Wash Gently cleanses the skin without stripping away the tan.
Resurfacing Exfoliator Mitt Helps remove dead skin cells and ensures an even fade.
Daily Full-Body Moisturizer Hydrates the skin and extends the life of your tan.
Tan Extender Helps enhance and prolong the color of your airbrush tan.

By incorporating these aftercare products into your skincare routine, you can enjoy long-lasting radiance and a beautiful tan that lasts.

Choosing the Right Tan

When it comes to achieving the perfect tan, customization is key. That’s why our airbrush tanning sessions offer a personalized color consultation, ensuring that you get a tan that is tailored to your preferences and skin tone.

During the consultation, our skilled technicians will discuss your desired outcome, taking into consideration factors such as the level of darkness and any shimmering effects you may want. By understanding your unique needs, we can create a customized airbrush tan that enhances your natural beauty.

Not only does this personalized approach result in a more flattering and natural-looking tan, but it also gives you the confidence of knowing that your tan is as unique as you are.

With our wide range of color options and customizable features, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer a subtle sun-kissed glow or a deeper bronzed look, our experts will work with you to achieve the tan of your dreams.

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Experience the difference of a customized airbrush tan with a personalized color consultation. Trust in our expertise to provide you with a flawless tan that complements your individual style.

Benefits of a customized airbrush tan
Enhances your natural beauty
Flattering and natural-looking tan
Increased confidence
Wide range of color options

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to tanning. Choose a customized airbrush tan with a personalized color consultation for a truly tailored experience.

Customer Testimonial:

“I’ve tried different tanning methods in the past, but nothing compares to the personalized color consultation I received with my airbrush tan. The technician took the time to understand my preferences and skin tone, resulting in a tan that looked incredibly natural and suited me perfectly. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking for a customized and flawless tan.”

– Sarah Thompson


In conclusion, airbrush tanning provides a safe and convenient way to achieve a natural, sun-kissed glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. Whether you prefer monthly memberships, packages, or individual sessions, there are options available to suit your preferences and budget.

To ensure long-lasting results and maintain your tan, it is important to follow proper aftercare instructions and use recommended products. This includes moisturizing your skin regularly, avoiding excessive sweating or swimming, and using tan-extending products as needed.

With airbrush tanning, you can achieve a flawless, streak-free tan that enhances your natural beauty. Say goodbye to unwanted tan lines and hello to a radiant complexion. Experience the confidence-boosting effects of a gorgeous tan all year round and enjoy the compliments that come with it.


How much does airbrush tanning cost?

Airbrush tanning costs can vary depending on the package or membership you choose. The first source provides details about monthly memberships and packages, including the prices for different levels of solutions and add-ons. The second source offers a Sun-Kissed Glow Package that includes multiple spray tans and additional products to enhance the tanning experience. The third source highlights the cost of individual spray tan sessions and optional add-ons such as express glow, pH balancing moisturizer, and fragrances.

What are the benefits of monthly memberships and packages?

Monthly memberships and packages are a cost-effective way to maintain a bronzed glow. The first source offers different tiers of memberships, ranging from a basic glow to an all-access package that includes various solutions and add-ons. The second source introduces the Sun-Kissed Glow Package, which provides four spray tans along with pH balancing spray and Pixie Powder. The third source mentions a glow membership that offers discounted spray tans, free add-ons, and other perks.

How much do individual airbrush tan sessions cost?

If you prefer to pay for each session individually, the third source provides pricing details for different types of airbrush tans. From a full-body tan to half body or face and neck only, there are options to suit your needs. Prices may vary depending on any add-ons you choose, such as setting powder, contouring, or fragrance.

What are the benefits of airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning offers several benefits. The second source highlights the flawless tanning achieved by skilled technicians, ensuring an even and natural-looking tan without streaks or splotches. The source also mentions the long-lasting radiance achieved through the use of pH balancing spray. Additionally, the third source emphasizes the convenience and savings of packages or memberships, as well as the confidence-boosting effects of a radiant tan.

What add-ons are available for airbrush tanning?

To enhance your airbrush tanning experience, there are various add-ons available. The third source mentions options such as express glow, which reduces the development time of the tan, and pH balancing moisturizer to prepare the skin for an even application. Fragrances can also be added to eliminate any post-tan odor.

How does an airbrush gun work?

The specific details about how an airbrush gun works can be found in the factual data provided. These details may include information about the airbrush gun’s mechanism, the air pressure required for airbrushing, and the use of different types of airbrush guns such as dual action or gravity feed.

What do I need to know about airbrush compressors and paint?

The factual data does not explicitly mention details about airbrush compressors and paint. However, it may be beneficial to provide some general information about these components, such as the importance of a reliable airbrush compressor and the variety of airbrush paints available for different tanning effects.

How do I clean and troubleshoot my airbrush gun?

The factual data does not provide specific details about airbrush cleaning and troubleshooting. However, it may be useful to include some general tips on how to clean and maintain an airbrush gun, as well as common troubleshooting techniques for any issues that may arise.

What aftercare products are recommended for airbrush tanning?

The second source mentions the inclusion of aftercare products in the Sun-Kissed Glow Package, such as organic body wash, resurfacing exfoliator mitt, daily full-body moisturizer, and tan extender. These products can help maintain the longevity of the tan and keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

How can I choose the right airbrush tan for my skin tone?

The third source highlights the personalized color consultation that is included with each airbrush tan session. This ensures that the tan is tailored to your preferences and skin tone, resulting in the desired outcome. It may also be beneficial to mention the various options available, such as different levels of darkness or shimmering effects.