Welcome to the online painting school! And I am its author Elena Khirilchuk.

The project goal is to create the video tutorial course concerning the oil painting using the traditional art materials and art painting techniques as well as the various unconventional approaches, methods and materials.

I have a strong desire to get creative people together here in terms of this marathon. I would like to bring those people together who are really interested in the oil painting and the art, who like to experiment, produce their own pictures and open up new vistas of modern and classical fine art as I do.

In these painting course video tutorials I will try to share my experience and knowledge and I will be pleased if it is useful to other artists whether they are beginners or advanced.

I will be delighted if the enthusiasts of the fine art join this project. In this case we can do much more good with the joint efforts. Here the synergy principle works: «Two heads are better than one»…

If you have any suggestions or requests, you can leave your comments on this site or send me your e-mails (artrecept@gmail.com).

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Thank you for joining our oil painting course! And welcome to our online painting school!