How to draw carnations

During this art lesson we will learn how to draw a carnation. We will take a good look at the flowers and try to create beautiful drawings. We will train our imagination and hands a bit. We will depict the buds and lushly blooming carnations in different positions and angles.

Materials for painting

Ideally, you will need the following materials for this online painting course:

  • graphite pencils of different hardness;
  • eraser;
  • paper for sketches;
  • pastel or colored pencils.

If you wish t draw it but do not have these materials and tools, you can easily draw on everything you have on hand. Sometimes the real masterpieces are drawn on the napkins.

Learn to draw a carnation in pencil step by step

In order to work on a picture, you will need a sample. It is better to look at the real flowers. Choose the beautiful flower in the store, on your flowerbed or find some expressive photos with carnations. If there are no suitable photos, you can look at my picture and create a similar sketch.

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The carnation painted in pencil

Composition and shape of flowers

At the initial stage of work all the lines should be very light and barely visible. Use a hard pencil. Now we should mark put several flowers. It is better to place them at different levels and at different stage of blooming. This will help us avoid monotony and boredom in the picture.

how to draw, how to draw flowers, to draw carnation, draw step by step Slightly mark the stems. Try not to draw too straight and smooth lines.Bend the stem and slightly curve it.

At the same stage of our online painting lesson we should outline the shape of flowers. Carnation silhouette remains unchangeable at most of the angles and it can be inscribed into the simple and almost identical geometric shapes: ovals and circles.

It is important to mark a floral receptacle — it stands out strongly and is emphatic in this species of plants. A semi-oval under the flower helps to show the desired characteristic shape of carnation.

At the next stage of our free drawing lesson we are going to

Outline stems and leaves

When you are painting a plant, it is necessary to find its distinctive features and characteristics. Look carefully at the stems and to draw flowers, art lesson, how to draw carnation The leaves are small and are located in pairs – one opposite the other. These groups of leaves are evenly located on the whole stem. The closer to the ground – the bigger they are.
Usually, it is easy to draw the stem and leaves of a plant. However you should not neglect them in the painting. These parts help us create more detailed and recognizable image. It is especially important when it come to carnations.

Let`s come over to the next stage of our fine art lesson and

Draw the flowers and petalshow to draw carnation, how to draw flower, art lesson

If you are going to draw lush flowers, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on painting their leaves. The simple field and garden species often have 5 petals located at the same level. The illustration above shows what location and shape of petals these flowers can have. The petals are at equal distance and can alternately superpose on each other.

how to draw flower, how to draw, to draw flowers, art lesson

Let`s come back to our sketch and show the petals of a lush carnation.

Here we can show only contour of curved petal edges. All the leaves should be inscribed into previously outlined oval of a flower.

In order to make our picture more interesting, let`s also show the buds, flowers that have just begun to blossom and the flowers which are looking directly at us.

how to draw, how to draw, art lesson, how to draw step by step At the end of our painting art lesson let`s improve all the lines and shapes and correct everything we do not like.
When the painting is ready, enliven it with the help of colored pencils or pastel making slight brushstrokes and marking the color and shadows.

Painting lesson free video-tutorial on how to draw a carnation

All the above mentioned explanations and the whole painting process are shown in the short video. Let`s watch the video and create the great pictures together.

Carnation as a symbol

Carnation flowers have interesting, quite diverse and ambiguous symbolic meanings. The pink flowers are the symbols of motherhood, white — marriage relationships and family, red — sensual love, corporeal beauty.

Carnations are fragrant, bright and pale, multicolored and one0colored, small and big, lush and sparse, gentle and strict – for every taste. They are presented to friends and colloquies for different reasons.
These fragrant and expressive plants are very popular for decorating gardens and flower beds.

I hope you have succeeded in painting beautiful carnations. You may also be interested in the following lesson: How to draw a daffodil and How to draw a daisy.
Draw, create, enjoy the creative process and your works will carry the particle of your positive emotions!

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