How to draw a tulip

Today we will have a great interesting and useful painting lesson — we will learn to draw the tulip flowers in different foreshortenings. This is a great practice, especially if you tend to draw the blooming tulips or still lives with the bouquets of tulips in future.

Materials to draw the tulip in pencil

  •  graphite pencils of different hardness
  •  eraser
  •  paper for sketches

If you want to add more expressiveness and brightness, you should also prepare:

  •  red chalk or sepia
  • graphite pencil

Painting tulips in pencil step by step

Let`s look at the painting which you should get at the end of this art lesson:

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Blooming tulips in pencil

Composition and shape of flowers

The first step of our online painting course is the composition of our flowers on the piece of paper. Try to make so that the flowers look to the different site and do not stay too straight and accurately. Leave enough space for flowers from all the sides.

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Form of flowers

Draw slightly curved stem, thus your flower as a whole will look more beautiful. Do not use straight line as if they are made with a ruler.
Our task is to learn to draw the tulips in different foreshortenings and at various stages of flowering. Different tulips should have different shapes:

  •  The bud is similar to elongated flattened oval.
  • The flower, which has begun to open, should be enclosed into the square with rounded edges.
  • The more opened flower is similar to inverted trapeze.
  • The flower of a tulip, which starts ceasing blossom, should be enclosed into the shape similar to triangle.
  • The fully opened tulip, which looks straight at us, should be enclosed in a circle.

Now let`s come over to the next stage of our online painting lesson and

draw the tulip petals

After all the flowers are marked out, we start turning the simple geometric shapes into the beautiful flowers. draw the petals.

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Painting the petals

You should slightly outline an oval in the each of previously outlined geometric shapes — it will show how opened a particular flower is. Also, this oval shows the height of tulip petals and does not let us mistaken when locating them.
The tulip petals are located in two rows. One upper petal usually obstructs two lower petals. There are many varieties of tulips but most often the tulip has seven petals.

Painting the tulip leaves and stems

Then you should draw the green leaves and add thickness to a stem.

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Stem of flowers

Pay attention to the place and the way how the flower is attached. This is especially important for the flower which is turned back.
The green leaves of tulip have quite simple shape. Their tips are elongated and pointed. The tulip leaves are not attached somewhere alongside but wrap around the stem. It looks very beautiful and it is important to show it properly.

At the final stage of our pencil

Art lesson we add the details

Now we come over to the most interesting part. Add the shadows and folds, improve the shape and curves of leaves and draw the stamens —the light strokes will help us with this.

art lesson, how to draw, how to draw step by step

The picture of blooming tulips in pencil

There are the shadowed and darker areas in the depth of a flower, under the petals, inside the green leaves and on the stems. Sometimes it is enough to add several strokes with a pencil in order to show shadowing. It is necessary to apply the strokes according to the shape which you try to emphasize.
Do not try too hard when making strokes and shadows. Finish you work when you are satisfied with everything.

Fine art lesson video on how to draw tulips

draw tulips from nature — it is a great experience.
Learn to draw flowers together with us! 

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