How to draw a lily

Hello, my dear friends!
Today we will have a wonderful art lesson — we will learn to draw a lily. The great advantage of this lesson is that you can take the pencil and piece of paper and draw the blooming lilies together with me right now. And you do not need to look for the special inspiration, time, opportunity and materials, set the easel, select the paints, brushes… Wherever you are – at home, at work or in a café – you can enjoy the fascinating creative process everywhere.

The material for picture of lily

Our art painting lesson is not difficult. And there are no special requirements for materials. You can draw even on the napkin with your pen, if you have a desire and there is no other opportunity. Ideally, you will need:

  • Graphite pencils of different hardness
  • White pastel
  • Paper for sketches
  • Eraser

I have been painting lilies on the graphic tablet, but all the recommendations of this drawing art lesson will perfectly suit for traditional materials.

draw a lily step by step

At first, in order to kindle your interest, I will show you the result – the picture of lily:

How to draw lily, how to pain step by step

The picture of lily drawn in pencil

Now let`s start our fine art lesson and

Locate the stems and the flowers

The lily flower has to rows of petals. The petal of an upper row obstructs two petals of a lower row. Usually, there are six leaves. The leaves of upper and lower rows are marked with different colors on the scheme: blue and red. The leaves of each row are located at an angle of 160 degrees.

how to draw lily, how to draw step by step

Mark the stems, centre of a flower and the direction of leaves

The initial stage is easy but very important. Try to locate the flowers (or flower) so that it looks good on your piece of paper. The flower compositions can be very different, but if you are a beginner, locate your composition in the middle.

Do not draw the straight stems as if they are draw with a ruler — slightly bend the stem line. All the flowers should be different and look to different sides.

At this stage of our free art lesson we make a slight and barely noticeable sketch with the help of hard pencil.

The shape of lily leaves

This picture shows what shape the lily petals usually have. They are a bit similar to the lozenge with rounded edges. Pay attention to the fact what shape the lily petal gets when bending at different angles.
Outline the shape of lily leaves.

how to draw lily, art lesson, how to draw step by step

Form of lily leaves

draw the flowers and stem of our lily

When our slight sketch is quite good and everything is correct and harmonious, we can draw in the contours of the flowers and stems and make them clearer. The lily stems have a certain thickness.

art lesson, how to draw step by step, how to draw lily

Flowers and stems

Now we are coming over to the next stage of our free drawing lesson and start

Painting buds and leaves of our lily

There can be several lily flowers blooming on one stem. At this stage you can add a lily stem with several buds or draw buds on one of the stems. The lily buds are big, almost equal to the flower in their size and have the shape of a drop.

how to draw lily, art lesson, how to draw flowers

The lilies drawn in pencil

The green leaves on the lily stem are usually small and have the shape of an oval. Pay attention to the way how the leaves are located according to each other.

Draw in and add the details

Lilies have extremely intense, beautiful stamens. We will draw them the last thing. Improve the leaves, stems and buds.

how to draw, art lesson, how to draw lily step by step

How to draw the lily flowers step by step

At the final stage of our free painting lesson we can add the shadows, slightly darken the stems and green leaves, making strokes. If you have been painting on the colored paper, you can slightly mark the white color of dainty lilies with the help of white pastel.

Pencil art lesson video on how to draw a lily in pencil

In order make everything clearer and more understandable, let`s watch a short video tutorial and draw the lily flowers together.

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