How to draw a lilac

The blooming gardens are wonderful and fascinating. No one can stay indifferent while being surrounded by trees and bushes covered with bright fragrant flowers. Today we will concern the theme, which is quite popular in painting, and learn to paint lilac.

You will need the following materials for our pencil art lesson:

  • graphite pencils
  • eraser
  • paper for sketches
  • pastel or colored pencils

Also you can make a sketch using pencil and color it with aquarelle.

How to draw lilac in pencil step by step

Our task is not the easiest one but it is not difficult. The small flowers, where the big bright and fragrant sphere is formed, are easy to depict. It is more difficult to understand how to locate them so that these elements form a beautiful and appropriate bunch.

how to draw lilac
Cut off a twig and put it in a glass in front of you. Thus you will be able to see it and practice properly. The good photos also can be used as samples – carefully look at them. You can partly look up to my sketch. You should get a similar one as a result of this art painting lesson:

how to draw lilac

The flowers has a simple shape: the long cylindrical bowl ends with four petals, all of them are located at the same level and at the equal distance, they are of the same size and shape.
You should practice in showing the separate flowers from different angles. Each of them can be inscribed into an oval or circle.

how to draw lilac, how to pint flower
Depending on species, the petals can have pointed, round or diamond shape.

Shape and composition

If you are going to draw one or several bunches at once, you should slightly mark the figures where they should be inscribed into.

It is necessary to outline the direction of the main stem since it holds lots of crotches with flowers.

Also you should show the size and direction of leaves.

how to draw lilac, how to draw flowers

Let`s outline the silhouette and direction of stems and leaves

Before painting the picture of a big blooming branch, you should practice well painting the small part of it where each of the flowers is seen clearly. This will help to create more complicated picture easily and quickly in future.

how to draw lilac step by step, how to draw

Let`s show the overall shapes

The separate flowers or the whole bunches can be inscribed into these figures.


  • At this stage of our free art lesson you should locate the flowers on the branches properly – they should be inscribed in previously outlined overall shape. There are often buds on the ends of the branches – show this. Also it is important to locate them at different angles considering the size of blooming bunch.

    how to draw lilac, how to draw, how to draw flowers

    The lilac painted in pencil

  • When showing the bunch, which consists of many separate small flowers, it is not necessary to draw each of them and draw four petals locating them too accurate. The quick painting will look much better and more natural. There is no problem if the shape of each particular element is not exact. The main thing is that the bunch is perceived well as a whole.
  • Leaves. Our work will become more interesting and natural if we add some green leaves. They have a very simple heart-shaped form.
  • The stems of these beautiful bushes are dainty. They slightly bend and branch many times. There are several blooming bunches on each of the sprout.

After having a small practice and drawing the simple sketches, let`s come back to the branch with several bunches. Let`s inscribed the small flowers into previously outlined figures, show the shape of leaves and improve the stem.

how to draw lilac, how to draw flowers, art lesson

The branches of blooming lilac


In order to give volume or to color the branch, you need to imagine its shape well. The bunch is slightly similar to cone or sphere. In order to add some volume to the picture, you should not color each flower separately – you should consider the shape of a whole bunch.
If the light falls from above, all the objects, located closer to it, will be lighter and those, which are farther, will be darker. For example, you can show the volume of these branches in monochrome without drawing in the details.How to draw lilac, art lesson, how to draw flowers
The shadow is formed in the depth of foliage below and between the flowers. If the branch is sparse, the gaps will be seen.
Imagining the volumetric shape, you will be able to show it properly in any painting technique: you can draw a still life with a bouquet of lilac, the landscape with these bushes or the picture in pencil.

Painting lesson video on how to draw lilac step by step

Let`s watch a short video where all the above mentioned tips and working stages are demonstrated:

I hope all the previous explanations will help you create wonderful drawings and painting with the images of beautiful flowers in various compositions, techniques and genres.

I am waiting for your comments and photos of your works!
I wish you new successes in your creative work!

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