How to draw a daffodil

art lesson, how to draw step by step

Hello, my dear friends!
Today we will learn painting the beautiful spring flowers called daffodils. The painting of flowers draw in pencil will help to draw the daffodils easily and without mistakes using paints in future. Daffodil is a dainty and wonderful flower. It has an unusual shape and a strong dizzying aroma. The white and yellow daffodil flowers decorate the flowerbeds and gardens. And even the more beautiful things are the daffodils flowering in the wild nature.

For example, look at the Valley of daffodils:


The Valley of daffodils

The materials which are necessary for this pencil art lesson

• paper for sketching;
• graphite pencils of different hardness;
• eraser;
• white pastel

Drawing daffodils step by step

Let`s take a closer look at the daffodils, understand the peculiarities of these flowers and create the good sketches. We are going to draw a daffodil flower at different angles with the help of a pencil so that it will be easy to depict these flowers in the shape of a bouquet or on the lawn.

Let`s look at the picture which we should get as a result of our painting lesson:

how to draw flowers

The painting of daffodils drawn in pencil

Outline the extent and the foreshortening of flowers

At the initial stage of our online painting lesson we should locate our flowers on the piece of paper in a right way. Outline the stems and foreshortening of each flower. Leave enough space for each of the daffodils.

how to draw flowers

Compose and locate the flowers on a piece of paper, show a foreshortening

Also it is necessary to sketch out the centre of a flower — a tubuliform envelope which individualizes a daffodil from other flowers.

Mark out the direction of six petals.

How to draw flowers, art lesson step by step

Outline the extent of daffodil flowers

Slightly outline the extent of our flowers with the help of circles or ovals. These circles and ovals will help us draw a flower with the leaves of the similar length and shape.

Let`s come over to the next stage of our monochromatic painting lesson and

draw the petals of the daffodils

At first, you can have a little practice drawing the separate petals of daffodils in different. Here is an example:

how to draw flowers, art lesson step by step

Learn to draw the daffodil petals

Now when you have done this, you can draw the daffodil petals on our painting.

how to draw, art lesson step by step

Draw the stems, leaves and buds of the daffodils

Daffodil stems, leaves and flower buds

When painting daffodils, it is important to pay attention to the shape of their stems. These stems have their own distinctive features. The daffodil stem is not of the same thickness. Its lower part is significantly thicker than the upper one. And a thin tube of the stem ends up with the bend and thickness on the upper part (at the base of a flower).

how to draw, art lesson

Draw the stems, leaves and buds of the daffodils

• The daffodil leaves are easy to draw; they are long and thin and end up with a sharp tip.
• The flower buds are usually greHow to draw a daffodilstatly elongated in the shape of a drop.
• Also do not forget to draw the stamens in the centre of a daffodil flower.
At the next stage of our free painting lesson we show the bends of leaves and petals, the relief and some details. And we mark the color of the dainty daffodils with the help of white pastel.

Video tutorial “How to draw a daffodil”

Let`s watch a short painting lesson video, which shows how to create a picture of daffodils, and draw these wonderful flowers together:

I hope this simple art lesson has been interesting and useful for you and you have got a great picture of daffodils.
I am waiting for your comments and paintings! I wish you success in your creative work!

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