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Hello, everyone!

I would like to call your attention to quite unusual Art lesson. Today we will decorate the pots for the houseplants. The idea is very simple and comprehensible for everyone. If you have the acrylic paints and the desire to work on the design of your living-room or kitchen – you will like this acrylic painting lesson with the elements of the décor.

Together with you we have already painted several pictures which can be perfectly used for the decoration of the interior in Provence or country style: «The bright window sill», «The bicycle with the flowers» or «The cozy patio». Still the minutiae are also quite important in the interior design. So let`s start decorating our window sills. 

Certainly you can decorate the houseplant containers with other, more suitable picture, if there is another dominative color or style in your house.

(For example: you can decorate the window sill for the children’s room with some childish pictures; the geometric pattern will be perfectly suitable for the hi-tech style interior and so on.)

You will need the following materials for decorating the flowerpots:

  • pots
  • acrylic paints
  • brushes
  • water
  • a little imagination

So let`s start our free art lesson online.

I have bought the small nice buckets which can go for the flowerpots and decided to decorate them in the similar style using the paintings which I have already prepared.

Everything is quite easy:

1. Cover these containers with ivory acrylic paint using the big brush.

2. Draw the green leaves for the future lavender plants which are the specific symbols of the French Provence. For this purpose I have used the different shades of green.

3. Then sketch out the little lavender flowers with the thin brush using the different shades of blue and purple colors.

4. Use the light-blue color for the base and the top of the buckets; also you can paint the bail.

5. Use the following art painting ideas in order to add a little gloss: paint the base, bail and the top mounting of the pots with the thin transparent layer of «chameleon» paint.

In my case the thin and transparent layer of decorative acrylic paint also serves as the mordant because it is very resistant paint.

Now you should wait till the pots have dried up and then set the flowers.

You can use this acrylic art technique to decorate the old pots made of the clay or even the plastic.

I wish you good luck and new success in your creative work!

Leave your comments!

And share the photos of your works with us 🙂

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