Painting the picture «The bicycle with the flowers» in country style


Today we will paint the bicycle which is carrying the pottles with flowers and fruits. As for me, a bicycle is a very picturesque kind of vehicle, especially if it is decorated with the fragrant herbs and flowers…

The first task facing us is to make our bicycle harmonically fitted into the space of the painting. Before beginning the work, you should decide what exactly you want to focus the audience`s attention on. I have decided to focus attention on the handlebar of the bicycle near which two baskets with flowers are set. The centre of the composition is slightly shifted to the left and the top. You should make the background very blurry so that it does not argue with our main character.

Before beginning the work, I have decided that my bicycle will be painted against the background of the shabby wall or fence. Today you will learn to paint this attrition and the worn-out state. Well, let`s try to use some decoration techniques when painting the picture. I think it will be interesting.

The art materials for our acrylic painting lesson:

I have chosen the 50×60 cm canvas for this painting.
So, let`s start our work which requires:
– a canvas,
– the brushes,
– the palette knives,
– an airbrush and a container with water (so that you can wash the brushes),
the acrylic paints:

  • White
  • Naples Yellow
  • Yellow Medium
  • Van-Dyke Brown
  • Ceruleum Blue
  • Prussian Blue
  • Violet
  • Bile green
  • Black
  • also you should
  • get any wax candle and
  • a piece of very fine sandpaper.

Watch the acrylic art lesson video «The bicycle with the flowers»

Let`s come over to the first stage of our acrylic art lesson online and create the background:
Sprinkle the canvas with water, quickly and toughly cover it with the brown paint using a big flat paint brush.
You should wait for 20-30 minutes until the paint dries up. Take the candle into your arms and worm the wax into the edges of the canvas. When doing it, you should understand that the next layer of the paint will be hardly applied on those places where the wax particles have been wormed in.

Immediately apply one more layer of the light background paint over the wax. I have used The Naples Yellow with the White and a little brown. You should paint making the horizontal movements, you can even use a big brush and you should not try hard to blur out all the traces of the brush strokes.

Then we come over to the next stage of our art painting lesson – we are going to paint our main hero. It is not very difficult to draw the bicycle, especially if you fully understand its construction. In order not to be mistaken, find the appropriate scheme in the Internet and try to draw a sketch on the paper. Then you can apply a sketch on the canvas over the already dried background paint with the help of the graphite pencil, you can remove the inaccuracies using an eraser.

I have chosen two basic colors for my work: the subdued tone of blue and the Naples Yellow – they perfectly complement each other. The additional linking colors are the blue and the light blue and the pear color – the more rich yellow color with a bit of green.

Outline the bicycle with the paints and place the baskets with flowers on it. At the initial stage it is better to be done with pale and unsaturated paints, for example, the light blue.

After you have placed all the main objects and made sure that everything is done properly, we will paint everything more carefully and detailed.

The main thing is to understand where from the light comes in order to show the shadowed and the lightened areas correctly. In my case, the light is feebly marked and its source is on the left.
Following this: the right side of the bouquets will be little more shadowed. The baskets also will be shadowed on the right and there will be more pronounced shadow on the right side and underneath of the bicycle handlebar…

The bright fleck on the bicycle bell, the light on the left side of the hand-brake wires and on the metal surface of the handlebar – all these look very eloquent…

Let`s come over to the next stage of our drawing and painting lesson and sketch out the bouquets:

First, paint the stems and the leaves in the depth of the bouquet. Do it using the green paint mixed with the Prussian Blue. Just mark the direction and the length of these stems and leaves. Outline the small flowers over the dark stems making the dipping movements with the help of the palette knife or the brush (as it is shown in the videos about the «The joyous windowsill» and «The cozy patio»).

First, it is better to sketch out the darker flowers. Then you should slowly move on to the lighter and brighter flowers, here you can even use the white with the barely perceptible blue or violet which will significantly bring your flower to the fore.

I recommend you to place the stems to the different sides and bend them chaotically and slightly erratically without thinking about the order. Lower down a few stems bending them directly over the basket – it will add several additional centimeters of the space (depthward) to your work.

In order to push out a few stems in a bouquet, you should apply the thin brush strokes of the lighter green paint with the help of the brush or the palette knife.

Paint the pottle of the lavender flowers with a slight curve making the light horizontal brush strokes as if you imitate the shape of the writhen vine. Certainly, there also will be the light on the left and the shadow on the right of the basket; you should add the shadow colors to the bottom of the pottle. In order to paint this basket, you should use the round brush (approximately №2) dipping it into the different shades of blue with the white.

The basket made of the small boards will look very beautiful if you add a few thin brighter and lighter brushstrokes over the basic tone and, of course, the tiny nails.

Now let`s come over to the next stage of our free art lesson online. In order to show the pattern on the wheel tire, it is not necessary to draw carefully each hollow and ledge. You should just sketch out the darker and the lighter brushstrokes with a thin round brush in one direction. Do not forget that the one side of the wheel is lightened more brightly and another one is in the shade. This means that there will be different mixes of the paints (the dark and the light) and directions of the brushstrokes (almost horizontally or almost diagonally).

Now let`s come over to the next stage of our free painting lesson and paint the pears. You should paint the pears in a rough way just outlining their shape and without going into detail. The color of our pears will be a bit brighter than their environment. I have painted them with the Yellow Medium mixed with a bit of the green. I have used the mix of the brown in the shade and the pure yellow and the white in the light.

When the pears have dried up, apply several brushstrokes with the mix of the White and the Prussian Blue well diluted with water over them – thus you will show the shape and the direction of the transparent cellophane they are placed into.

Now let`s return back to the background. We are going to rub the paint in the places which have been pre-rubbed with the wax candle. You can do this procedure when the whole paint has already dried up on the canvas in order to wipe the dust of the rubbed paint easily.

Free art lesson, how to draw with acrylic paint

Free art lesson, how to draw with acrylic paint

Take a piece of the sandpaper and gently wipe the places where you want to have the attritions. Do not be afraid: the paint will not be rubbed off in the places where there are no traces of the wax. In my case, the vertical bands of the wax have given the effect of the slightly shabby fence surface made of the small boards. In my opinion, everything has been done very naturally. And the attrition across the edges of the canvas is the real thing.

And now we are coming to the last stage of our fine art lesson – the finishing touches. I have drawn a few inaccurate vertical lines in the direction of the fence small boards with the rare white and slightly smeared these lines with my finger. Also I have added several «archlets» with the same rare white imitating the wooden texture. Also I have made a few vertical strokes using brown with white with the help of a thin brush…

It seems I have told you everything…
I wish you good luck and new success in your creative work!

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