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Acrylic creative set

Hello, everyone!

Today I would like to present the art lesson for beginners and tell you about the new interesting product for the beginning artists: these are the wonderful creative sets designed and suitable for learning the ropes of acrylic painting.

  • If you have never worked with acrylic paints and
  • if you haven`t held the brushes in your hands and
  • haven`t used the paints for many years,

this creative set will be the real catch for you.

Many of my followers send e-mails and leave comments saying that they are interested in painting and they really want to try painting the picture – but:

  • «I am afraid to do it; it seems to be too difficult»;
  • «I am afraid I will fail and damage the canvas and the paints»;
  • «I can`t make head or tail of canvases, paints and brushes – it will be difficult for me to find the tools and materials suitable for me»;
  • «I don`t know how to start working on the painting, how to mix the paints, how to apply the paints on the canvas» and so on…

I will not continue the list, because in actual fact there are only two reasons: the first is the fear and the lack of self-reliance, the second is the lack of necessary knowledge.

I have made the short video for beginners` special benefit. This video will help you to know how to paint with acrylic on canvas and you will learn the basic nuances of working with acrylic paints through the example of the similar creative set.

So I have come across the wonderful creative sets for acrylic painting. Such sets will help you to solve several problems at one stroke: the set contains all the necessary things for acrylic painting.

The painting set contains the following materials and tools:

  1. canvas on the cardboard (30x40cm) with a sketch;
  2. photo of the work that you are going to paint (you can chose different pictures);
  3. brushes;
  4. palette;
  5. set of colors (12 colors);
  6. step-by-step instruction — the free painting lesson for beginners with the photos of the painting stages;
  7. there is even the color mixing scheme which will help you to get the necessary hues;
  8. the set also includes the cards with photos and descriptions of other interesting sets for painting and décor; there is also the list of the outlets where you can buy such products.

What I really want to mention is the fact that these sets are packaged in the beautiful boxes and are colorfully decorated – I think such set can be the perfect present for every creative person.

Acrylic creative set

Acrylic creative set

It is very simple and easy to paint the picture with the help of such set. And it guarantees you the great result – the beautiful picture painted with your own hands, the great mood and the great time during the creative process.

As I have already mentioned the use of such creative sets will be the great start for the beginners. And you will be able to improve your skills during the work with brushes and paints, to learn their properties, to know canvas painting techniques, to get hand and eye in it and to understand better how the colors should be mixed…

I understand that many of you are thinking about the price right now. The sets for acrylic painting doesn`t cost much especially considering the fact that you will immediately get the canvas, the paints – 12 colors, the brushes, the palette knife, the palette and the step-by-step instruction with photos. You will get these materials at once in the one package and it will certainly save your time.

So let`s try to paint the picture according to this master class and

learn the basic rules of working with acrylic paints

    1. The water is used as a thinner for acrylic paints. That is why you should prepare a jar of water and an airbrush if possible.
    2. During the working process you should wash the brushes in order not to let them dry up together with paints and don`t forget to close the tubes tightly.
    3. Slightly water the canvas with the help of the airbrush, thus it will be easier to apply the paint on the canvas.
    4. You should also sprinkle the paints on the palette with water using the airbrush from time to time – not to let them dry up.
    5. If you really want to learn to paint, you should better remember all the tops you`ve got. The acrylic paints can visually resemble the pastous oil brush stroke if you don`t dilute them with water at all and apply very thick and dense layer with the brush or the palette knife; or they can also resemble the transparent water-color if you add the bigger amount of water into the paints during you work.

  1. You can always apply the other layer of paint over the previous one if you want to correct or improve something.
  2. In order to make the smooth transitions from one hue to another, you should have the wet layer of paint on the canvas – it means that the paint which has been applied on the canvas should be sprinkled with the help of the airbrush.
  3. You should better do all the improvements and apply the deep shades and the bright overtones over the previous layer of paint with the help of the thin brush only at the end of the work.
  4. The acrylic paints should better be mixed on the plastic palette – it is easy to wash the paints off from this surface.
  5. Do not press the big amount of paints out on the palette at once – because no matter how hard you try, they can dry up beforehand.
  6. The acrylic paints can be mixed together with the brush or the palette knife. The more water you add into the mix – the more transparent the paint becomes; the less water you add – the denser layer of paint is applied on the canvas.
  7. You can finish the picture with the acrylic paints during the one session or you can correct or improve something unlimited number of times. The main thing is that you should not to overdo it and be able to stop when you like your work.
  8. Do not be lazy to stand up and to abstract from the work, to move away from the canvas – this is very important so that you could evaluate your work with a fresh eye and correct the mistakes in time.
  9. Take the small breaks during the work. It is important if you really want to get a good result. If you are afraid that the paints can dry up, sprinkle the paints with water before taking the break.
  10. Choose the simple pictures for your first works. But the main thing is that you should like the picture that you are going to paint.

I hope you have enjoyed this painting art lesson!

I wish you good luck and new success in your creative work!

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