Abstract acrylic painting «A child inside each of us!» Lesson for beginners


Welcome to the abstract art lessons online. Today`s art lesson for beginners will be a bit different from the previous lessons. It may be so that some of you will find this video tutorial too simple. Still I would like to show how diverse and versatile the modern art is with the help of this lesson. It should not always be difficult, complex and beautiful, carry the profound idea and be sophisticated. Sometimes the childish picture is quite enough to elicit the childish emotions, smile and the memories of childhood even of a serious person.

During this abstract art lesson you will learn the simplest acrylic art techniques using the example of the naïve oeuvre of Danish artist Paul Pava.

Childish, funny and amusing pictures of this artist immediately transport us to the childhood, to those times when we used to draw the similar stickmen on the walls. These «unserious and naive» pictures talk to us in simple foolproof language – the language of feelings, emotions and memories. You should not hesitate at least sometimes to be a child, to return back to the childhood, to be happy, carefree, merry, funny or sad for no particular reason.

Naive art with acrylic paint

Naive art with acrylic paint, Paul Pava

The motto of Paul Pava`s oeuvre is «Children with us» and in order to paint something like this, you should find a playful and cheerful child inside of you.

The simplicity and originality of Paul Pava`s paintings allowed him to become a commercially successful artist. The popularity of Paul Pava`s stickmen and the reasonable marketing allow selling the paintings of this artist as well as the variety of interior design items, crockery, furniture, textiles, cards and posters of the artist. This proves once again the diversity of our world and the art.

It also tells how important it is to have you own idea of beauty, to be able to express the feelings in your own way using paints, brushes and other tools.
I really hope that everyone, who likes such simple naive pictures and wants to paint something like this, will show maximum of imagination and feelings.
And now let`s come over to the acrylic painting technique.

It is quite easy to paint with acrylic paints – in this case the water acts as the paint thinner.
You should know and remember that:
After drying up, the acrylic paints provide quite dense membrane – a solid layer. So when painting with the brushes, you should wash them during your working process.
Do not forget to close the tubes or the jars with the paints tightly enough in order not to let the paint dry out. When you have finished your work, you should check whether all the containers with the paints are closed well.

The acrylic paint completely dries in about 15-20 minutes, but everything depends on the density of the layer and how much your paint is diluted with water.

So let`s start our acrylic art lesson – working on our simple naïve picture.
Before beginning the work you should sprinkle the canvas with water thus the paint will be applied more easily and smoothly on its surface. It is not necessary for our quick and simple work. It is likely that floppy sloppy strokes will be suitable four our painting.
Press out the paints to the palette, but do not press out a lot of paints in order not to let them dry out right on your palette (you can add the necessary paint whenever you need).

You will need only 5 paints for our acrylic painting lesson:

  • Titanium White;
  • Medium yellow;
  • Blue (Ceruleum);
  • Sap Green;
  • Red (Cochineal)
  • Also you will need the synthetic brushes of different size,
  • a bottle of water,
  • you may also need a dry clean cloth.

In order to apply the background paint, use the big paint brush. You can apply the paint mixed with the White or the rarer one (diluted with water) or the thicker paint.

When the background is ready, you can start fantasizing. If you are afraid that the background is too wet and the paint can bleed, wait about 5-10 minutes.

In order not to let the paint dry on the palette, you should sprinkle it with water using an airbrush from time to time (this advice is appropriate if you are painting during a long time – over an hour).

If your creative vision includes smooth transitions of the tones or mixing the paints on a canvas, you should also sprinkle the canvas during the work in order not to let the paint dry up and be modeled.
So you should monitor how the paint is drying up and correct the process of drying up with the presence or absence of water.

As we paint quickly and evocatively relying on our own feelings, there is nothing to explain. You should simply let your imagination run free. Do not think, just paint.

I also did not have the initial idea. I just wanted to make the bright crimson background and after some time I came up with a square stickman which turned into the enamored prince during the working process. The intense pink background perfectly characterizes this warm bright childish feeling. Bright dots and circles symbolize the diversity of children’s impressions and emotions. The ice cream and the flower in prince`s hands are the symbols of a calf-love.

I do not know what else to say. So our beginner painting lesson is over. If you have any questions, leave your comments.

Everyone can paint pictures – and you should try it!

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