How to draw a dove

how to draw a dove

Today we will learn several simple tips on how to draw a dove. Read more »

How to draw a dog

Hello, dear friends!
Today we will learn how to draw a dog and will try to depict the animals of popular breeds in different poses. Read more »

How to draw a sunflower

how to draw flower, how to draw sunflower

Hello, dear friends!
Today we will learn how to draw a sunflower. If you take a pencil and a blank sheet of paper and spend a little time, you will get a wonderful sketch. The knowledge and skills got during this lesson will come in handy when you will draw a still life or a picturesque field covered with bright yellow sunflowers with paints.

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How to draw an elephant

how to draw , art lesson

I offer to your attention very interesting lesson — today we will learn how to draw an elephant. We will consider the features of its body structure and learn to create beautiful paintings with the image of one of the most exotic animals on our planet. Read more »

How to draw an owl

Hello, dear friends!
Today we will learn how to draw an owl. Owls are quite interesting creatures. They have an unusual color of feathers and big eyes – this fact should interest you as an artist. Let`s have a look at beautiful pictures of these birds and learn how to draw a owl. Read more »

How to draw poppies

how to draw flowers

This art lesson is devoted to very picturesque flowers which we have already tried to draw in landscapes and still lives with the oil paints. Today we will create great drawings and learn how to draw poppies. These flowers are not difficult to draw. And if you take a pencil and a sheet of paper, you will get a good result – a beautiful picture. Read more »

How to draw carnations

During this art lesson we will learn how to draw a carnation. We will take a good look at the flowers and try to create beautiful drawings. We will train our imagination and hands a bit. We will depict the buds and lushly blooming carnations in different positions and angles. Read more »

How to draw a lilac

The blooming gardens are wonderful and fascinating. No one can stay indifferent while being surrounded by trees and bushes covered with bright fragrant flowers. Today we will concern the theme, which is quite popular in painting, and learn to paint lilac.

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How to draw a tulip

Today we will have a great interesting and useful painting lesson — we will learn to draw the tulip flowers in different foreshortenings. This is a great practice, especially if you tend to draw the blooming tulips or still lives with the bouquets of tulips in future.

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How to draw a lily

Hello, my dear friends!
Today we will have a wonderful art lesson — we will learn to draw a lily. The great advantage of this lesson is that you can take the pencil and piece of paper and draw the blooming lilies together with me right now. And you do not need to look for the special inspiration, time, opportunity and materials, set the easel, select the paints, brushes… Wherever you are – at home, at work or in a café – you can enjoy the fascinating creative process everywhere. Read more »

How to draw irises

Many people admire the beauty and uniqueness of irises. There are the numerous varieties of iris flowers. They significantly differ in color and shape of petals, but all of them are beautiful. Today we will draw the irises together and create the great sketches which will help us draw wonderful paintings with irises in future. Read more »

How to draw a daisy

How to draw a flowers

The daisy are quite easy to draw. These simple and dainty flowers look beautiful in the bouquet and a nice picture of daisy brings joy and boost spirits. The daisy symbolize summer, warmth, positive and cheerful mood. Today we will learn to draw daisy in different foreshortenings. We will have a little practice in order to draw the great still lives with flowers and the fields of daisy.

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How to draw a orchid

Hello, my dear friends!

Today`s art lesson will help you to learn how to draw an orchid in pencil, gouache, acrylic, oil paints and in digital format step by step. The approaches to each of the techniques will be the same. The orchid is better to be painted from nature, looking at the real flower. Read more »

How to draw a daffodil

art lesson, how to draw step by step

Hello, my dear friends!
Today we will learn painting the beautiful spring flowers called daffodils. The painting of flowers draw in pencil will help to draw the daffodils easily and without mistakes using paints in future. Daffodil is a dainty and wonderful flower. It has an unusual shape and a strong dizzying aroma. The white and yellow daffodil flowers decorate the flowerbeds and gardens. And even the more beautiful things are the daffodils flowering in the wild nature. Read more »

How to paint a still life? Several simple but important tips

The still life is an excellent choice for learning the basics of drawing and painting. There are several important rules which you should know and consider when painting still life. These rules are simple and quite easy-to-follow. However these rules can be rarely found and are rarely spoken about. The experienced artists use these rules intuitively. The beginners guess and enjoy the successfully created painting or on the contrary go through the bad experience in creation of a simple picture. Read more »

How to paint a beautiful landscape?

Hello, my dear friends!
If you wonder how to fill your landscape with depth, space, air and volume, this landscape painting tutorial will be quite interesting for you.
This art lesson deals with very important things which should be known and used by every beginning artist when painting a landscape. If you paint with oil, acryl or pencils, these rules will certainly come in handy and be useful to you. Read more »

How to paint the glass? Or how to make a vase glass? 

art lesson, how to paint a glass

I would like to offer to your attention a short and informative art lesson which will help you draw and paint the objects made of glass in future. Today we are going to understand what special things we should know when painting a glass or a glass vase, for example. We will learn how to fill this vase with water and then how to add the flower stems.

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How to paint drops of water?

Hello, my dear friends!
I would like to offer you short but very useful and interesting art lesson. Today we will learn to understand how to paint the drops of water, dew and rain in any art painting techniques. Thus you will be able to decorate and refresh you works with drops of water very quickly and easily. The main thing is to know and understand several simple rules which we are going to discuss right now…

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Oil painting – fish still-life

Hello, my dear friends!

Welcome to the still life art lesson. Today we are going to paint a fish still-life. I do not want to portray the dying fish on the table. I would like this fish to cause the positive emotions. That is why I have chosen the bright saturated colors for this work. Also I have taken the perspective which is quite unusual as for the classic still-lives – the top view.
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How to paint a cat?

If you like animals and they please your eye and heart, I would like to offer painting a cute kitten, which I have drawn from the photo, together with me. Also you can make photo of your pet and perpetuate its image on the canvas with the help of paints and brushes.

The main advantage of our today`s oil painting lesson is the subject – the animalism, first used in our art lessons (if not consider the lizards and the birds…).

In order to paint a kitten, we will use quite classic approaches without any special innovations, twists and turns.
We will work on the square canvas and it is not an easy task, because the square canvas requires well though-out composition. My kitten is static and it does not need to move anywhere. Perhaps, he has stopped before the jump but at the moment nothing except for its look tells us about it. Based on these circumstances, I have placed it in the center of the square canvas.

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Painting in monochrome, drawing with the oil paints

Hello everyone!
This art lesson is dedicated to the painting in monochrome. Today we are going to paint the picture using only one color – the blue. The different tonal gradations of this color will help us paint the shadows and the lightened areas.

We will give the certain shape to the objects showing the light and the shadow. Ignore the color of these objects.

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